Coping Resources

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Special Needs Coping Resources

An excellent resource.  Defines a chronic condition, tells how common they are, lists effects on children and has a section devoted to strategies for coping.

Tips on how to find the right camp for your special needs child.

A page of resources dedicated to helping siblings cope with the chronic illness of their brother or sister.

Parenting a chronically ill child is a challenge. Having a child with a chronic illness is stressful for any family. Parents of a chronically ill child are often faced with difficulties and decisions that other parents will never have to face. A major task parents of a chronically ill child face is the responsibility of helping their child cope with his or her illness. This article has some suggestions.

An article about pain, its causes, how to recognize and describe your child's pain.  Also includes therapy and coping information.

Anxiety Books for Children

If you purchase the following books through and choose SDA as your charity, you will help SDA acheive its goals!

What to do When you Worry too Much: A kid's guide to overcoming anxiety.  Written by Dawn Huebner, PhD. This book is excellent for younger children.  It has places for them to draw and explains various coping strategies in a child's language.

What to do When you are Scared and Worried, by James J Crist, PhD is a book for older children with anxiety.  It has chapters on OCD and PTSD.