Using a Flexible Straw to Take Enzymes

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Also known as "The Bendy Straw Method"

By Pattie Curran 

Getting your child to take enzymes can be difficult.  In 1998, when my middle son was diagnosed with SDS, we had a hard time getting him to take enzymes.  He was 2 years old and able to drink from a straw, so it occurred to me that we could use a flexible straw to help him take his enzymes.  We made an "L" shape with the straw and poured the pellets into the straw (see pictures below). This method also worked like a charm when our yougest son was diagnosed with SDS and also had to start taking enzymes.

This method works well, because the pellets found inside the enzyme capsule stay dry inside of the straw until the child is ready to take the enzymes.  When the enzymes are placed in soft food, they begin to degrade and must be taken quickly after they are placed into the food. 


The Pellets Sit Inside the Flexible Straw until Your Child is Ready to Take the Enzymes

After Making an "L" with the Straw, Pour the Pellets into the Straw

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